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Through the Screen Door 

Book & Audio Recording

with Teacher’s Guide, including

Script, Music Score, Lyrics & Production Notes

Eastern gray squirrel scampers along a fallen log. Copyright Larry Allan 2017.

The title song demo is performed here by Eric Ray.  Click the arrow in the black line above to listen and enjoy! 

Through the Screen Door is a musical nature adventure for ages 2 through 5 years old and those who care for them. Little Bit stays with his caregiver, Mimmie, in the daytimes. Young children will identify with Little Bit’s desire to explore the great world outside Mimmie’s house.

Songs describe adventures with animal characters:

  • Two Cats Watching (Julie Bat & Sissy are “waiting for something to watch.”)
  • Through The Screen Door (“We see trees and sky.  We see birds that fly.  We see squirrels that run; They have so much fun.”)
  • Julie Bat, Little Cat (“You jump so high … I think you can fly!”)
  • Nellie The Squirrels (“I call all the squirrels Nellie ’cause they look alike from here.”)
  • Myrtle The Turtle (“You can do it … You’re climbing… There you are!”)
  • Mister Toad (“Mister Toad, there’s a cricket on your leg…. see the cricket jump away.  Do you wish he’d stay?”)
  • The Crawfish (“…playin’ down in that hole”)
  • Dear Teddy Bear (“I’ll tell you what I’ve seen through the screen door.  I’ll tell you what I know. Then you’ll want to go through the screen door… beyond the screen door, Into the world!”)

This musical story will be especially enjoyed by young children together with their caregiver(s). It can be used to present a mini-play production with preschool and kindergarten children for educational, noncommercial purposes. Just add inexpensive costume pieces (directions included) and practice acting out the story. Then play the audio and perform the play for a 15-minute presentation, ideal for Parents Night and neighborhood productions.

Characters (10 or more):

  • Little Bit, a young boy
  • Mimmi, a woman caregiver
  • Julie Bat, a young cat
  • Sissy, an older cat
  • Nellie 1, a squirrel
  • Nellie 2, a squirrel
  • Nellie 3, a squirrel
  • Myrtle, a turtle
  • Mr. Toad, with a Cricket puppet (or a Puppeteer)
  • Crawfish, in a “mud” hole 
  • EXTRAS:  Cricket Puppeteer; another squirrel; birds, ducks, frogs – as many as needed in order for all in the group to play a part
  • Optional: A Narrator may speak, and a Vocalist/Musician may perform the songs, in place of the audio CD.  Score and lyrics included.
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